6th May 2020

Getting lost…is not a waste of time

I like that. I like words that get strung together, making pictures and sounds and feelings of that one fleeting moment when…..yup. That one. You close eyes. To ponder on, some words from Pablo Neruda…

When eyes open, make time for fitness for today. Core strength works for you in maintaining balance and stability, keeping your posture upright and helps you avoid back pain. Here are some core strengthening exercises for people with osteoporosis. I have severe osteoporosis and strengthening my core muscles is the key ingredient that keeps me running.

Today’s key ingredient in FitForward food court is ….hunger 😉 I’m dying of it and this vegan tagliatelle bolognese with mushrooms just makes me want to live…

Another day 😊

2 thoughts on “6th May 2020

  1. Makes for a nice read


    1. Thank you Khushnam


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